The O'Connor Twins

Mages denied ascension right as it was in their grasp, they're found in Steel's bar.


Patty O’Connor stands 5’8", or was that Mick? With short brown hair and brown eyes, tattoos alternating between the two, mostly themed in stylized Catholic symbolism, the twins are hard to tell apart when they aren’t trying to confuse you about who’s who. They can use their magics to achieve anything you want, according to themselves, provided you’re willing to pay the cost.

The cost will vary from person to person and depending upon what you need, it rarely ends well for the purchasing side.


Two mages who are always found in Steel’s bar, they ply their trade for a price. When the time came for the brothers to ascend a deal they had made lifetimes before stopped them, anchored by the sin they committed, they have been refused entrance to the higher planes. To pass the time until armageddon they entertain themselves with the visitors to Steel’s Bar or taunt Jason.

Song: The Blood of Cuchulainn by Mychael Danna

The O'Connor Twins

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