BAHAWHAWHAW! You fell on the soap!


Never seen standing at full height, even hunched he reaches ~6’9". With sharp, predatory features, with a beard and a mop of hair that would be more fit on a lion than a human. Muscles bulge from both sleeves and his K9s are over-pronounced whenever he open is mouth. He voice is deep and guttural, yet betraying the limited intelligence controlling the hulking man.

He has the ability to change himself into a massive brown furred lion.


Owner of Steel’s Bar. A gathering place for prodigal miscreants and ne’erdowells. He has survived 4 different princes and 3 werewolf wars without any noticeable scars. Every Garou he meets he addresses as “Wolfy,” he has a penchant for bad practical jokes, and every night he visits the Prince to complain of the potholes (in reality the O’connor twins flatten his tires every night). He invented the Steel special.

Song: Ironman by Black Sabbath


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