Welcome to Sethloft

Enjoy your stay

It took me all week, but I have everything reorganized so that Sethloft is now a central hub, with all the characters, wiki pages. The campaigns now serve to store the adventure logs. As a campaign completes, it will be made public and an adventure log entry will be added so anyone can read what happened.

The more we game, the more fleshed out Sethloft becomes as a whole, and the more the effects of your own characters impact everyone else. If you want to think about a character the core books are available in my dropbox folder.


This was is a wonderful idea…what was it…Seth? My reign should be recorded so that anyone can enjoy it for all the nights to follow. If you have room after my epic rise to power and masterful leadership abilities be sure to spare a foot note or two for the rest of the rabble.

~ Hugz & Kisses

Welcome to Sethloft
Weebo Weebo

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